"You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it." Grace Lee Boggs

I am running for Mayor of San Francisco as a Democratic Socialist. San Francisco is needed to be a national and global leader in stemming the tide of inequality with strategic policies designed to sustainably raise all boats.

A place to belong and safe shelter is a human need. We have the ability to work together as Americans to ensure that one of the wealthiest cities/regions in the country and world meets the basic needs of our neighbors with a supported, participatory, and community integrated design.

Everyone needs access to dignified shelter, health care (including dental and mental health/wellness support), food, transportation, child care, education, and a way to support their livelihood while serving the greater good.

As a community we must continually seek balance between creating enough structure and process to uphold safety and health for the entire community and maintaining flexibility for each situation and individual.

We must have healthy systems serving the public good at the local, regional, state, and national levels, and that means that we must combine our love for Equity and Well-being with critical thinking, systems thinking, and strategic thinking.

To each individual according to their needs. To each individual according to their abilities. To each individual the freedom to live authentically to the extent it doesn’t cause unnecessary harm to the community and is equitable in terms of participation and/or contribution.

To each community the responsibility of supporting well-being and reducing harm through democratically developed codes of conduct and processes for accountability and restorative justice. To each community the responsibility to think seven generations ahead and teach each generation to be good stewards of the earth.

Our neighbors, neighborhoods, systems, and climate are in crisis. It’s time to be as bright and big as we can be to clearly define our values as San Franciscans, as Americans, as human beings...and then put them into practice on the daily.

Critique where necessary. Give credit where it is due. Work together for the greater good whenever possible.

In community,


Vote 1-2-3 for Equity 2018

"So many institutions in our society need reinventing. The time has come for a new dream. That's what being a revolutionary is." Grace Lee Boggs 

Grace Lee Boggs was involved with the civil rights, Black Power, labor, environmental justice, and feminist movements over the past seven decades. She was born to Chinese immigrant parents in 1915. In 1992, she co-founded the Detroit Summer youth program to rebuild and renew her city.

Here is a Democracy Now! video interview in which she talks about her work in the civil rights, Black Power, labor, environmental justice and feminist movements for seven decades.


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